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The Shield : Michael Chiklis Dines At G Bar And Restaurant!

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Yes, you heard that right! Detective Vic Mackey, as the world knows him, because of his excellent acting as a cop in The Shield, was present at the G Bar and Restaurant very recently. The actor was accompanied by his mother, a small kid, and two other women.

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The fact that Michael has innumerable fans is highlighted by the large number of people who visit the internet only for The Shield download. The man was the centre of attraction at this Humphrey Street eatery when he came over, much to the surprise of everyone.

What Victoria Andrews got to watch the other night is something, which she is going to remember all her life. The waitress, at the very first sight of the actor, recognized him, but could not believe her eyes.

Later, she was amused to get the confirmation of his presence as she overheard the guests discussing about the showbiz. She added that this was the first time in her entire career that she got the opportunity to serve food to a celebrity.

One incredible thing that I got to comprehend about this waitress is that she upholds the comfort of the people that she is serving, over all other things. A proof of this could be seen when even after getting to know that she was serving Michael, she did not behave in an insane manner.

She did not talk to him about his TV series, or about his fan following. Instead, she treated him like just another guest at the restaurant.