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The Shield episodes and cast missed by its fans

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The Shield series ended way back in November 2008 but it is still there in my memories and not only mine but I am sure it would be fresh in minds of several other fans.

The Shield episodes were based on Strike Team, which comprised of group of detectives being a division of Los Angeles Police Department. The Strike Team portrayed officers who would use illegal and unethical methods to bring justice in the town. The Strike Team was based on real life Ramapart unit of Los Angeles Police Department. The series also showed personal lives of the members of this team.

The strong plot and the interesting cases that were solved in The Shield episodes made it complete seven successful seasons of its run. Since the very first season it was liked by the audience and critics and that is why it was nominated for Emmy awards. And during its run of seven seasons several times it got nominations and awards. It not only won awards but also won hearts of its fans.

The cast of The Shield series comprised of Michael Chiklis as Vic Mackey, Walton Goggins as Shane Vendrell, Kenny Johnson as Curtis Lemansky, David Rees Snell as Ronnie Gardocki, Jay Karnes as Holland “Dutch” Wagenbach, Michael Jace as Julien Lowe, Catherine Dent as Danielle “Danny” Sofer and many more. All of them went on to different projects after the series came to an end.

Those who want to relive the episodes can watch “The Shield” online.