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Michael Chiklis Breaks the Seal of His New Comic Book, ‘Pantheon’

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Today, I have to acquaint you with some great revelation. If you all are die-hard fans of comics and love reading them like the way you prefer to watch The Shield episodes, then this news would extend the limits of your happiness a little more.

042010 1850 MichaelChik1 Michael Chiklis Breaks the Seal of His New Comic Book, Pantheon

Well, as indicated in the title, this news is in connection with your loved star Michael Chiklis. We all admire this marvelous actor for his wonderful depiction in our favorite criminal drama and that’s why we just always get desperate to watch The Shield episodes online. Now we are gonna get a chance to be close with his comical skills too.

Recently, Michael launched his new alter ego, “Pantheon” at WonderCon, the renowned comics and pop culture convention of country. The place which has been buffered up by the hype of Hollywood blockbusters, for most of the celebrities come up to promote their shows and movies. It seems like glowing up with delight when Michael actually launched a comic series, which is all based on the king of Greek Gods, Zeus.

Everyone knows Michael as a corrupt cop who skimmed drug money in The shield episodes. Nevertheless, through this comic book in that convention, fans have got to see a different facet of his persona. It seems Michael has reached to the culmination of his imagination while writing this comic.

Let’s start with the cover page of comic-con. On the front page, there appears an electrifying figure that somewhere looks like Vic Mackey. At first glance, this captivating soul with light emanating from his right hand pretends to be glazing at the readers. He also appears to possess god like powers and this feeling makes the cover page even scarier.

Now, moving towards the contents of this comic series, it represents the matter in context of Greek god but that too is flavored with modernization. The awe-inspiring creativity that gets reflected in the write up of Pantheon is all the final result of Marc Andreyko’s extraordinary imagination.

Well, that was a brief upshot of this comic book series, rest you can find out yourself by comprehending this book thoroughly.

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