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What Are The Detectives From The Shield, Doing Now?

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Although ‘The Shield’, stopped airing after the completion of Season 7 last year, it still remains as one of the most loved series amongst the audiences. So when I came across some news about two detectives from our favorite cop series, I decided to share the same with you.

Detective Curtis ‘Lem’ Lemansky“, (played by Kenny Johnson) and “Detective Terry Crowley” (played by Reed Diamond), would never had thought that someone would be spying on them. Well!  To tell you the truth, to learn more about them, I looked into the lives of the actors who had played the roles of these characters, with the expectation of getting some news about them. I searched hard, read about them from here and there, and then managed to get hold of the following information. 051909 1932 whatarethed1 What Are The Detectives From The Shield, Doing Now?

“Curtis Lemansky” was one of my favorite detectives in the series, ‘The Shield’. Kenny Johnson, who portrayed this character so well, is currently working on the biographical film on screen legend, Steve McQueen.
Jesse Wigutow has been hired to write the screenplay of the film. Michael Cerenzie and Christine Peters are the producers and Kenny Johnson is the co-executive producer, along with Graham Kyle, Brett Granstaff and Keith Watkins.

Another detective whom I liked on ‘The Shield‘ is, “Terry Crowley” whose character was enacted by Reed Diamond. Reed is currently playing the role of Laurence Dominic on the new TV series ‘Dollhouse‘, which premiered on 13 February 2009. He has recurring role on the show and his character has been revealed to be that of an undercover NSA agent. The series has already completed airing the episodes of its first season.

There was a strange connection between the two detectives on ‘The Shield‘. The strange connection between the two resulted from their association with Detective Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis). It was an irony that Curtis was loyal to Vic, while being unaware of the fact that Terry was killed by Vic.

I always felt curious about these corrupt detectives who would go to any limits to maintain law and order and I liked watching them untilThe Shield concluded on 25 November 2008. But I still watch my favorite episodes from the show by downloading them from this website or even watching them online here.